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Ads ruined this app.

Ads ruined this app.

So far, so good.

Have had this for a few years now and it keeps getting better.

Complications Do Not Work

The applewatch complication doesnt update. When the app is opened, on the watch, it displays "No Games Today". Just so you know, its Sunday and Im watching it on tv TODAY! FIX THIS! Its a complication; not complicated.


Honestly the best app for sport scores, stats, and news

Room for Improvement

This apps fulfills my fundamental need for scores. It used to be my only sports apps but now competes with others on my iPhone. The ads slow this down. It would be nice to tag news articles and filter only the ones for your team when you drill down on your team and hit news. I like this app but its not best of breed anymore

1 Star for video ads

Please add these Sports leagues; OHL, WHL, QMJHL, and the AHL! If you guy have College Basketball, College Football and you guys recently added College Hockey and College Baseball I dont see why you guys couldnt add the leagues I mentioned above. •Also video ads automatically play which uses your data.• Thanks

Ads Make This a Nightmare

The frequency and interruptive nature of the ads used by this app ruin an otherwise great sports app. As I scroll through my tailored news (showing stories about teams Ive starred), in-line ads load after I scroll past them, forcing me to read through headlines Ive already seen. Its a constant accordion effect. Unfortunately, Ill have to delete this app and search for a replacement. Its a shame because the app is great aside from the in-line ads.

You guys messed this app up

You screwed this app up!! Its slow. full of data eating ads. No injury info. No nothing. I deleted this one!

5.11.1 update doesnt complete on my iPad

ios 10.0.2 hasnt been able to update for days. whats up?

Poor list of supported sports / today widget

Wish WWE was supported. until then back to yahoo. Also today widget is messed up on iOS 10. Not showing complete scores.

Best Sports App ever!


Inability To Save Favourites

Your team still hasnt resolved the ability save or follow a team/players. When an update that says "bug fixes" comes out, I expect that to be one of the bugs youd fix. The info/stats/news you provide in your app is second to none, but saving/following a team or player was also a feature that not many other sports apps have. Please fix so I dont have to rely on getting my individual stats elsewhere.

European hockey!!!

Can you add European hockey to the next update?? Thanks.

Best sports app on any platform.

Great tech by the score. So far ahead of any other app out there.


Fix the bugs when you say " bug fixes"

Update 5.11.0 is broken.

-unresponsive on initial load. -major delay after touches. -stuck between screen transitions. -loading sometimes hangs. -app crashes periodically depending on requests/actions or multiple touches in succession. This update is very bad. Come on guys, this app has always been better than this. Change that should be made, when touching a players image at the lens of an article make the app take the user to the players info page not the follow page that has no information. Who cares if I can star/follow a player if I cant get to their information. Thanks, still a very big supporter.

Doesnt work anymore

The app doesnt even open amymore on my cellphone it always crashes

Doesnt work

The app gives you a news update like once every other week

Launch issues

I have to try two or three times to get the app to launch. I get the big S and a wait a few minutes while the app crashes. Not too impressed.

A great all around app

This app has everything, from fantasy football to golf. Best app I ever bought

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